The Tower

Opposite the main gates to the Plas Brondanw garden is a path through woodland up to a wild outlook tower known as Pentwr, see the top right of the Garden plan for the location of this walk.

The tower was built by Clough with funds given to him as a wedding present from his fellow officers soon after the First World War. Clough describes his Commanding Officer first offering a silver salver. Clough gently suggests that silver might not be the most useful present, and is then asked to choose something else:

"Me: Well, Sir, what I should really like would be a ruin.
C.O.: A . . . WHAT?
Me: A ruin - as an outlook tower. You see, Sir, there happens to be a rocky eminence close above my home on which I have always felt there should be a tower of some sort as a fitting crown and as a superb view-point commanding wonderful panoramas from the summit of Snowdon to the sea.
C.O.: Well, if you want a ruin, I suppose you had better have a ruin - though it's an odd sort of wedding present, I must say."