Brondanw Estate history

Clough Williams-Ellis took control of the Brondanw estate in 1908 from his father, when he was just 25. The estate stretches from the mountains, through Cwm Croesor down to the village of Llanfrothen. It occupies more than 3000 acres with 53 homes and 5 farms. 

Clough wrote: "As very gradually I was able to make improvements, to add to the amenities of village and farms and to extend my tree-planting, I seemed to become ever more securely attached to my setting, to which indeed I added a couple of adjoining and very beautiful properties that include the twin mountain summits of Moelwyn and Cnicht and the seventeenth-century manor house of Parc, since they had been widely advertised as promising areas for mineral prospecting and development."

The estate is now owned and protected by the Clough Williams-Ellis Foundation. For more details see our Foundation page.

View from tower to the Plas, 1957